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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Stamping - Forever a Student

This week, our challenge was to post a mani that featured a technique learned from being in this group.  I can't say for sure who I learned this from, but I have a sneaking suspicion it was Jackie from Mema's Manis.  I love her stamping manis, and she does a lot of beautiful stamping over gradients.

All the colors in the gradient are Revlon Colorstay. I started with Calla Lilly - a sheer white with a golden shimmer.  I liked it so much, I finished the mani with it, too.  The middle color is Coastal Surf, and the purple is Amethyst.  I love the formulas on all of these, and the colors are so pretty and cheerful.

The black stamping is done with Sinful Colors Black on Black.  Maybe, just maybe, I'm getting a little better at this stamping thing...  I still need a lot of work, though.  Not to mention my gradients need some help, too!  Practice, practice, practice. 

Have you taken a cue from one of the nail masters and tried a new technique? 


  1. Looks amazing!

  2. This is just beautiful!!!! Excellent work :)

    1. Thanks, Jackie! Maybe someday I'll be as good at stamping as you are! :)


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