Lit from Within: Shifty Facets of a Ninja Polish

Friday, September 14, 2012

Shifty Facets of a Ninja Polish

I admit, I'm a Ninja Polish groupie.  I love their selection of polishes, and their prices are usually better than anyone else's.  So, when they came out with their own line of polish, I was ready to snap them up.

The Facets collection is a collection of three topcoats.  For each of the topcoats, I swatched them over these colors, in this order:  Orly Decades of Dysfunction, Revlon Royal, Sonia Kashuk Blank Slate, and OPI Black Onyx.

Have you ever seen a polish like Zultanite?  Gold in the bottle, with red flecks, and a green duochrome effect.  And all of it translates to the nail.

On the light color, all of these topcoats were at their worst.  Instead of melding into a cohesive mesh, each individual glitter stood out, and really didn't shine.  I wouldn't bother layering any of these over a light color.  Zultanite looked best to me over the dark grey, which gave it a mysterious, dusty look, or the black, which really brought out the red.

Alexandrite is a rare stone that has a color shift in response to light.  This polish shifts, too, and for a lot less money!

Again, not a fan over the nude, but the other three colors bring out a different look in the Alexandrite, and I like them all.  I am partial to the grey again, however - I can't get enough of that dusty tone lately.

Color-changing garnet looks similar to Zultanite in the bottle,  but different on the nail.  There's no green, and the red is much more pronounced.

Over the blue and black, it has a look reminiscent of Fantasy Fire when layered over those colors.  This polish is a fan favorite, and I like it, too.  Again, I'm loving this one over the grey best - it's just a soft, dusty, shimmery look that is beautiful but not in-your-face with the glitter. 

These polishes are available only at Ninja Polish, and you probably want to have them e-mail you when they're in, because they usually go fast. 

What do you think of this topcoat trend?


  1. Two very interesting polishes, thanks for sharing!

  2. These look awesome! I agree the Garnet one is reminiscent of Fantasy Fire/Clarins 230, but more like if it was an Ozotic Elytra. I need to grab some of these Ninja Polishes soon!

  3. Nice overview of these. I like the first one, zultanite.

    I like that name too.



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