Lit from Within: My perception of Perception Nail Lacquer

Monday, September 10, 2012

My perception of Perception Nail Lacquer

When I first came across Perception Nail Lacquer, I almost passed it by.  I admit, it was a little snobby to look at the recycled bottles and just think that the seller wasn't serious because they didn't have real bottles.

But, I was liking the polishes I was seeing, so I kept looking around, and did a little research, and found some loyal followers of this new-to-me brand.

And, she got new bottles. So, the snob was satisfied.

All the polishes I picked up were glitters, so I found some undies I thought would go well.  I started with Sonia Kashuk Purparazzi (on clearance at Target).  I've tried a couple of her polishes, and love every one of them.  Great formula, great colors.  Being purple, this one was a tad difficult to photograph.  I think the bottle shot color is the most accurate.

I couldn't resist the name.  Unicorn Farts.  I mean, we'd all been lemming Unicorn Pee for so long, it couldn't be a coincidence...

Look at the glittah!

I loved this.  Pretty, but not sickeningly girly.  Subtle, but not demure.  Sparkly, but not blinged out.  The formula was really easy to use, too, and opaque in 2 coats.  Right hand.  

I had Tokidoki Stellina handy, and wanted to see how it worked with Unicorn Farts.  Nice formula, didn't work for me as an accent.

I tried a Claire's glitter pink and purple hexes that were small, but still larger than the Unicorn Farts microglitter.  I liked this look for an accent, but UF is too pretty to cover up completely in the mani.  

When I saw that Perception Nail Lacquer was releasing some more of a glitter I'd seen and liked, I jumped on it right away.  Wicked is just as beautiful as Unicorn Farts, same great formula, but deeper and more daring.

I started with a base of SOPI Eve-y on the Eyes, a deep violet with a little bit of purple shimmer in the bottle that didn't translate on the nail for me. Like most OPI of any variety, the formula was excellent.

Purples notoriously don't photograph well, so you may wonder why I paired this with Wicked, but it did seem to match some of the glitters in real life.  Wicked was opaque in two coats, anyway, so it really didn't need much help in the way of undies.  Isn't it be-a-u-tiful?

I love how seductive it looks.  These vampy-but-not-black colors are awesome, and I love jewel tones on me.

The last polish has a dark brown base, so I chose Color Club Nothin' but Truffle as undies.  I know it looks black.  It's brown, really.  I was a little disappointed in this color, and the application wasn't as smooth - it was rather streaky for a dark color.  I doubt I would wear this polish by itself, but I'm glad I had it for Rumplestiltskin.

 I will likely try Rumplestiltskin over a lighter brown next time to see if the polish changes, because this one was not opaque in 2 coats like the others.

For a quick comparison, here are bottle shots of Rumplestiltskin, Models Own Thunder & Lightening (middle) and Mixed Up (right).  Rumplestiltskin appears to have more colored glitter in a lighter brown base, as opposed to the grey-brown of Thunder & Lightening, or the black of Mixed up.  

So, what do you think of Perception Nail Lacquer?  Rumplestiltskin is part of a Fall 2012 collection based on the TV show Once Upon A Time, so check out her other offerings.  Perception Nail Lacquer can be found on Facebook, and has a shop on Etsy.

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