Lit from Within: 4/20, Dude! Mentality 420 holos

Saturday, April 20, 2013

4/20, Dude! Mentality 420 holos

4/20, 4:20, Four-twenty!

The name of this holo collex comes from a counter-culture holiday that celebrates the use of marijuana.  The story goes that 4:20 is the optimal time to spark a doobie, and that evolved into a day to celebrate the Lady Jane.

Regulate & Medicate.  I have to put these together... because I really can't tell them apart.  Neither can my husband, but he thinks a lot of my polishes look the same. 

They are both blackened green holos. Shown here with two coats, they could be careful one-coaters.  Love the formula on these dark holos.

If I look really close, I can tell that Regulate leans a little more teal, and Medicate leans a little more green.  It was hard getting a comparison shot where the light reflecting on the polishes was the same.

Educate.  A brownish silver holo.  I love this color and the depth of the holo. The green shimmer keeps with the theme and looks great.

Legislate.  I don't wear a lot of gold, but this one is so pretty I would wear it.  It has enough brown to not be tooo gold.  The subtle green shimmer keeps it with the theme and gives it a nice depth.  The denting on my index finger is from a bad patch job, not the polish.  I was surprised how forgiving these holos were with my screwed up nail.

I am going to celebrate 420... with nail polish!  It's my addiction and drug of choice!  How will you be celebrating?  With any of these colors?

If you'd like more information on Mentality, you can find them on Facebook, or their shop on Big Cartel.


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    1. I wore that one again tonight to go to the movies. It's gorgeous.


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