Lit from Within: Ruby White Tips - Girls and Bats

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ruby White Tips - Girls and Bats

When Ruby White Tips had a sale, I came running to try out her new polishes, and see what these new square bottles were all about.  As Huey Lewis once said, "it's hip to be square' but it may not always be your thing.  If you make it to the bottom of this post, you'll find out why.

Kim.  One of her new polishes from the Custom line, Kim was named after an angry Pomeranian doggie. It's first name was actually Angry Pomeranian.  I understand not wanting to name a classy nude holo after a yippie-bitey dog, but I can't help but think of the dog now when I see this polish!

I decided to pair Kim with another polish from her Custom line, Gracelyn, named for the owner's daughter.  I love these together, but doing nail art with Gracelyn wasn't easy.  It's a very sheer glass fleck, and takes about 4 coats to reach opacity, even over Kim.  So trying to stay in the lines to make my chevron tip was challenging, but oh, so worth it.

These are my new "Princess Nails."  Named for a little girl and a pampered pooch!

Man Eater.  Two polishes named for girls, and one named for a *woman* Man Eater is a red jelly with a glass fleck.  I don't buy too many reds these days, but I couldn't resist this one.  It's really beautiful, and has such interesting depth and shine.  My camera doesn't do it justice.

I decided to do a glitter gradient with Ninja Polish Nebula.  This pairing looked amazing in person.. and later this week, I'll show you Nebula over black in a full mani.  This just glittered and changed color all over the place.  Very eye-catching!

Boo2.  I'm growing quite fond of the Batworld polishes, and the bats they help.  Half of the proceeds of this collection go to help rehabilitate these bats.  Boo2 was born in the sanctuary after his mother was rescued from a bad zoo.

Boo2's polish is a light and ethereal purple scattered holo.  If you liked Dandy Polish's 'Bathed In Light' then you would like this.  It has a misty quality that I love.  I couldn't bear to take it off, so I embellished it with a cloud mani using Cult Nails Nevermore (glossy black) and Urban Outfitters Bandeau (neon purple)

Bottle shot:  Boo2, Nevermore, Bandeau.

Even if you think bats aren't your thing, you should check out Batworld and read about how important they are to our ecosystem.  I have to give props to any Indie that is putting their money where their mouth is and giving a portion of their profits to a charity that is doing good works. 

If you'd like more information about Ruby White Tips, you can find her on Facebook and her webpage and  store.  And now, until May 1st, if you use the code: FROMWITHIN, you'll get 25% off your order!  RWT has decided that the square bottles aren't going to work for her, so she's offering my readers a discount to move the stock out.

Etsy code: FROMWITHIN for 25% off!

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