Lit from Within: Buttery, soft, and shiny!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Buttery, soft, and shiny!

I'm loving all these spring pastels, but I wanted to try and mix up a new pastel with some other colors and finishes.

Kerfuffle.  On my thumb, middle, and pinky fingers is the pink pastel Kerfuffle.  The formula was a little streaky, but not too bad.  I love how it has almost a melon color. 

Aston.  On my pointer and ring fingers is Aston, a toffee shimmer.  I like how Kerfuffle seems to bring out the pink shimmer in Aston.

I took a dotting tool and made dots with Kerfuffle, Aston, and The Old Bill, a metallic gold.   I love layering dots over dots over dots.

Bottle shot:

Do you like mixing textures?  I like the metallic accent dots - would you keep them, or do the dotticure without them?


  1. I love this season's pastels, too :) These colors look beautiful together. I really like the metallic dots, they make a nice looking contrast :)

    1. Thanks, Liesl! I'm glad I added the metallic dots, then! :)


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