Lit from Within: Fancy, Flakie Browns

Friday, April 12, 2013

Fancy, Flakie Browns

Ok, class, when we met yesterday, I told you there would be a polish you would get a glimpse of then, but you'd see again today.  Do you remember what it was? 

That's right!  Takko Opium.  I knew you could do it.

I think this polish is pretty unforgettable, myself!  Brown with a reddish-orange shimmer, it looks like burning embers.

I love brown and blue together, and I thought that this icy blue and pink glitter from Hit Polish, Retro Chic, would set it off nicely.  I really like the combo!  The blue looks so light, almost translucent, and the pink is so delicate with the brown. 

The second brown I want to show you today is from Koh Colours - Chocolate Brown!  Yes, with an exclamation point!  Apparently, all their color names are very exciting! Because they all end with exclamation points!

Love that goldent shimmer, but I wish it was more obvious on the nail, especially for such an expensive brand.

I added a little Nubar 2010, and....

....gorgeous.  Love the orange and gold flakies with the brown.  Here's a bottle shot:

The last fancy brown I have could be a brown, or a black, or a blackish-brown.  It's dark, so it's hard to tell!  I think it's brown, though.  Contrary Polish Candlelight.  Another subtle gold shimmer, but with larger particles than the Koh.

A little bit of Orly Shining Star, and there's gold shimmer... and blue?  I didn't see any blue in the bottle, but some of the glitter turns blue on the nail.  Surprise!

Browns are the unsung heroes of the polish world.  They're so versatile!  And they look great with a little bling, too.  Any fave browns out there?

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