Lit from Within: Spring, just around the Curve.. or above it? Part I

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring, just around the Curve.. or above it? Part I

You may ask yourself, what, more holos?  and I will happily reply, Yes! Moar holos!

Above The Curve came out with a set of 4 pastel holos for this Spring's collection.  I have two of them today, plus some nail art featuring an older polish from ATC.

The Baby Blues.  There was a boy I went to school with that we used to call 'Baby Blue Eyes' and chase him around the schoolyard.  I still see him on Facebook now and again, and he doesn't seem to be traumatized.

I'm sure those gorgeous eyes served him well in his life!  I can't have blue eyes, but I can have blue nails, and this is a really nice light blue holo.  In Real Life the VNL isn't as noticeable, it just seems to pop out in macro shots.  Out of the 4 polishes in the collex, this one was the only one I had a little trouble with for the application.  Pesky blue pastels are always a little trouble.

Hyacinth.  Very light purple/pinkish holo.

I really love the depth of color on this one.  The purple comes out, and the pink, and even some yellow..  really pretty.

I did an exaggerated Ruffian with Kahuna, a teal blue, and then I framed Kahuna with a Milani silver nail art glitter.

I like creating optical illusions with polish.  The Ruffian can sometimes make nails look shorter and stubbier, but by using the glitter and two lighter colors, I think the brightness alleviates the stubby effect.  If you have a nail shape you want to make narrower or straighter, you can try this kind of idea to give the illusion of another nail shape.

If you'd like more information about Above The Curve (including their charitable donations to Shriners and others) please visit their Facebook page, or their shop on Big Cartel.

What do you think so far?  Stay tuned tomorrow for the other two polishes in the Spring collex, and some more nail art!

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