Lit from Within: Texture without the glitter?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Texture without the glitter?

I've been having so much fun with these textured polishes, I decided to do some more.  These Milani textures are like nothing else I have (though I suspect they are very much like the new China Glaze textured polishes) because they are creams, not glitters.

All of these go on best with one thick coat of polish.  The more coats you use, the softer the texture.  All of them had terrific formulas - no pooling, no streaking, dried fairly quickly, removed easily, and I think they look pretty cool.

Shady Gray and Yellow Mark.  I loved this combo.  Something about the somber grey and the pop of bright yellow.

Spoiled in Fuchsia and Purple Streak.  It was actually easy to do a gradient with these polishes.  Usually, I do the full nail in the base coat, but I didn't here because I didn't want the texture to get too thick, and I knew I wasn't going to use topcoat.

No sponge, either.  Just painted the top in Spoiled in Fuchsia, and then the tips in Purple Streak, and then dabbed a little of each color at the meeting line to 'blend' the colors togther.

Aqua Splash and Spoiled in Fuchsia.  I thought these two colors were fun together.  The aqua needed one more coat, however, because the formula was thinner.  I didn't use tape, so the line isn't perfect, but the polishes are thick enough to make getting a straight line possible.

Tainted in Red and Shady Gray.  This red was one of my faves of the collection.  Bright, vibrant color - so bright, in fact, that it freaked my camera out a bit, and only one pix came out clearly.  This is a perfect ripe, juicy, summer red.  I did funky French tips in grey for contrast.

Still on the fence about texture?  What do you think of this version with no glitter?  Have you tried the China Glaze ones?  From swatches I've seen, it reminds me of shag carpet. These are more like Berber carpet.


  1. Love how the textures work together, the pink and purple gradient is really nice :D

    1. Thank you! That was my fave combination, too. :) Love your handle!


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