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Saturday, April 27, 2013

OP..I Wanna Touch You...

Well, the texture thing for the last two days with Orly was so much fun, I thought I'd break out a few more textures and see how I liked them.  I have three to show you today, all from OPI.

Stay The Night.  This was one of the first textured polishes to come out, with the Mariah Carey collex.  I knew I didn't want all of them.. but this one was top on my list, number one with a bullet.

Even though there is a definite texture to the Liquid Sand polishes, they can be stamped over surprisingly well!  Here, I used Maybelline Bold Gold and Pueen plate 10.

I love how the polish looks like lava flowing and cooling... the hot red flecks underneath the black ash.  

I love it, perhaps even more, with topcoat.  Such a glow..   I had tried stamping with another color on my pinkie, but it didn't show up... until I put topcoat on! It's actually under the gold.  Pretty cool, though unintentional, effect.

Get Your Number.  Also from the Mariah Carey collection, this and Stay The Night have something else in common - thin, runny formulas.  Of all the other textured polishes I've tried, most look better with one thick coat of polish - but not these two.  These are runny and thin, and take two-three coats to come together.

Totally worth it, though.  Here, I stamped with Finger Paints Black Expressionism and Pueen 10.

There's something about these glitters that freaks my camera out a bit.

Love this with topcoat, too.

What Wizardry Is This?  This is the only Liquid Sand from the Oz collex. The formula is an improvement over the Mariah Carey ones - no more thin, runny polish pooling at my cuticles.  The glitter is very fine, so it has a nice texture, but it doesn't catch on anything, and isn't too rough.

Stamped with Maybelline Bold Gold and Pueen 24.

Even a large stamp has no problems on the Liquid Sand, other than my own ineptitude.

Great sparkle with topcoat.  These polishes look beautiful both ways.

Have you tried any Liquid Sand polishes?  Still on the fence?  I have some more textured polishes to show you ....


  1. I've been looking at all of the Textured polishes like these and have been wanting a good majority of them! I probably will never get them though! Moving and renovating a house is taking all of the money :( Super sad face

    1. I suspect that many of these texture polishes will be on clearance at places like Ulta in short order. I am loving the textures, but it's a trend, and they all pass. Maybe someone will leave one in our next Beauty Blogger swap! :)

  2. I picked up Zoya's Godiva last weekend. I really like it. It really livens up the nude polish and it's super sparkly.

    1. I have Godiva on order! I love nude polishes. Especially sparkly ones. Glad to hear you like it!


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