Lit from Within: Chirality + Black = YES

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chirality + Black = YES

As a confirmed obsessed lover of holos, I keep coming back to a few brands for their awesome ones.  Chirality is one.  All their formulas are stellar, no special undies or buffing needed, great pigmentation, and a decent scattered, and sometimes linear, holo.

Bromine.  Is there anything classier than a nude holo?  It's like the perfect piece of lingerie - showing you a little, without showing you too much. 

Using Finger Paints Black Expressionism, I took a makeup sponge and did a gradient inspired by this Pinterest Pin (couldn't find the original source, unfortunately.)  My classy lingerie model is now a dirty, dirty whore.  And I like it.

Absolute Zero.  Icy blue holo with a hint of aqua. Gorgeous.

It reminded me of glass, so I took a stamp from my Cheeky Jumbo plate and "broke" the glass.

Asymptote.  If you have Chirality Kale, this one is lighter in color, but with the same great color and hint of yellow rainbow.

My trusty black striper turned it into a mishmash of different stripes.

 Quarks.  Blue holos are definitely the most ubiquitous out there, but a denim blue is a little harder to find.

This is probably as close to a tribal pattern as I've ever gotten.  I just freehanded lines and swirls and this happened.  I am totally in love with this, and will have to practice it so I can rock this on both hands.

Convergence.  The purple holos get me every time.  Love this color, and the texture of the holo.  Look at the pinks and blues from the rainbow.

This is one of my fave kinds of French tips.  Something about that extra line that makes it EXTRA.  Like, extra everything.  Totally.

How do you like to wear your holos?  Plain, sponged, stamped, swirled, tipped?  Any faves here?

If you'd like more information about Chirality, you can find them on Facebook, and at their store


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