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Monday, April 22, 2013

It's all there in Black and White

With all of the colors I'll wear on my nails, the most eye-catching ones may just be a white or a black nail.  I use these in nail art a lot, but not so often on their own.  Maybe one of these will convince me otherwise.

Picture Polish White Wedding.  This polish was done in conjunction with Llarowe, and it's a very pretty white with a subtle pink/green flaky shimmer.  It's impossible to capture in photos, but it's there in Real Life.  If I was going to wear plain white, the shimmer makes it look like I did it on purpose, and didn't just paint my nails with White-Out, like I did in grade school.

Contrary Polish Frozen.  Part of their 2012 Winter collex, this is a glossy white with blue shimmer.  I really liked this.  I will say that if I plan on wearing white, I need to do a more careful polish application, because it shows every patch or uneven application!  Whites are fairly unforgiving.

Cult Nails Tempest.  This is a true white creme gloss.  This one is a little more forgiving because of the high shine, but leans a little more towards that White-Out look.  This is a great base for nail art, though.  One of my faves.

On to the blacks.

First up is A-England Lancelot.  Does this look black to you?

Would you believe that the first coat goes on red?  I think the second coat is supposed to reflect that red, but I just can't see it.  Not in any pix, not in Real Life.  It just looks black to me, and it makes me feel a little cheated because I want there to be red in there.

A-England Camelot.  The only way to tell these apart is to do one coat.  Camelot is pretty much a one-coat black, where Lancelot is much more red and streaky on the first coat.  Camelot is so thick and glossy that it freaks out my camera, and I couldn't hardly get it to focus on the polish.

Cult Nails Nevermore.  Another darling of the nail polish community, Nevermore is a one-coat black.  It is great for a quick, classy, vampy mani.

Do you like wearing black and/or white?  Would you rather wear it as a base for another color or nail art?  Any favorites?

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