Lit from Within: Above the Curve Spring, Part II

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Above the Curve Spring, Part II

If you missed yesterday, you missed two other polishes and nail art from this Spring collex from Above The Curve!  Luckily, nothing is ever really gone on the internet, and you can just go back one day and see it.  You'll be glad you did.

Cherry Blossoms.  I grew up near Washington, D.C. and the cherry blossoms there are magical.  It's an amazing spectacle to have all these cherry blossoms blooming.  This polish is a nice reminder of those days!

I did a diagonal French tip with Jessica Gingersnap, an orangy-brown glitter reminiscent of, well, a gingersnap cookie.  In a brazen decision, I used a bright orange striper between the pink and brown. BAM!

Looks like it could be the flag of some wacky country.

Bottle shot:

I saved my favorite for last.
Mother Earth.  This is a nude holo, but it has flashes of other colors.  So not boring.

 I love the complexity of this holo.

I decided to use all the other colors in this collection as chevrons on top of Mother Earth.  I had to lay the polish on rather thick to get each color opaque and distinct, but I kinda like the texture.  I wish I had done another layer of Mother Earth at the bottom to make it look the same thickness.

Bottle shot of the whole collection:

So many great spring polishes this season, and I'm loving these.  Mother Earth is a must-have, in my opinion.  Which is your fave?

If you'd like more information about Above The Curve (including their charitable donations to Shriners and others) please visit their Facebook page, or their shop on Big Cartel.

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