Lit from Within: Autism Speaks - Light it Up Blue

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Autism Speaks - Light it Up Blue

Light it Up Blue is the kickoff for Autism Awareness Month, and it starts today, April 2nd.  This is a world-wide initiative to raise awareness for Autism.  Many landmarks around the world will light up with blue lights today. 

This post is my small homage to Autism Awarness - I'm lighting up my blog with lots of blue manis in different shades and finishes today!

Takko Lacquer Marie Antionette.  Gorgeous baby blue with a pink shimmer.  I did a little nail art on the thumb - it's the lightbulb from the Light It Up Blue campaign!

This polish is a little thick, but still applies pretty well, especially for a pastel.  Thin coats is the way to go with this polish.

Takko Lacquer Kaleidoscope Eyes.  A gorgeous aqua/teal duochrome with a scattered holo.  The formula was perfection.

Elevation Polish Muztagh Ata and Marmolada.  Muztagh Ata is a lovely blue scattered holo.  Lots of great depth in this polish.  On my ring finger is Marmolada on its own, and on my thumb is Marmolada over Muztagh Ata.

I love the round glitters and color combo in Marmolada, but it wasn't as easy to apply as some glitters - the round glitters were heavy, and dripped off the brush back into the bottle, or dragged down to the nail tip.  They require a little dabbing and pushing around to make sure you get them where you want them.  Its also not tinted enough to become opaque on its own - it would be way too thick, so undies are recommended.

Zoya Pixie Dust in Nyx.  I didn't jump on the sandpaper polish bandwagon right away, but I'm glad I picked up some of these Pixie Dusts from Zoya.  The texture isn't annoying, but it is different, and it wears really well.

I couldn't resist adding a little topcoat.  Oh, the shiny...  but be prepared to use Gelous or a few layers of topcoat, because this glitter eats it right up.  Om nom nom.

MAC Rain of Flowers.  In the bottle, this looks like a blue shimmer, but it's more of a blurple with a deep blue flash.  One of those polishes that just glows from within.

I added a little holo accent with Ludurana Supernova Fenomeno.  It really pops over a dark color!  Great linear rainbow, too.

Are you lighting it up blue sometime this month?  What is your fave blue?  pale with a pink shimmer, duochrome, holo, flash, glitter?

For more information about Autism Speaks and Light It Up Blue, please visit their webpage.


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