Lit from Within: Oh, Orly FX - Part II

Friday, April 26, 2013

Oh, Orly FX - Part II

If you remember from yesterday, I showed you two polishes from the Orly FX line, and how to create more colors, if you wanted.  If you don't remember, it's still there, don't worry.  Go look, and I'll be waiting right here when you get back.

Plum Pixel.  This is a very light purple, with heavy silver tones.

Aqua Pixel.  True to its name, I think.  I like that it's not too light; not too dark.

For this nail art look, i was inspired by a look from Polish Amour.   I started my version with Cult Nails Tempest, which is quickly becoming my go-to white for the base of nail art.

Then I took a nail art brush and painted stripes of all the 4 different Orly FX colors, leaving some of the white at the top.

I did partial stripes, full stripes, thinner and thicker ones - whatever I wanted.  This look is so easy, and everything goes.  I even tried it with topcoat to see how it looked.  If you don't like the feel of the texture, topcoat smooths everything out.

Bottle shot:  Black Pixel, Plum Pixel, Aqua Pixel, and Rose Pixel.

So, are you a fan of these textured polishes?  Do you like the sparkle or prefer it toned down with topcoat?


  1. Those FXs are gorgeous, right up my alley. And then you post that amazing art... love! I'll take you at your word that the look was easy and I'll admire it from here... I've never gotten along with art, lol. ;)

    1. lol, that's sweet! Really, though, it's hard to mess this one up because it's just lines - any shape, size, or color you want! If you try it, I hope you'll post on my Facebook page. :)


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