Lit from Within: Northern Outfitters.. or Urban Star?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Northern Outfitters.. or Urban Star?

I picked up most of the Northern Star As You Wish collex (inspired by the Princess Bride) at a blog sale, luckily!  I love them.  I paired each of them with a polish I picked up from Urban Outfitters.  Some of these combos work better than others, but some were surprisingly great!

Moonstone.  This UO polish was impossible to photograph.  It's iridescent, but also has a nude base, so enough coats would become opaque on the nail.  It has a gold-pink tone to it.

I paired Moonstone with Northern Star Storybook Love, which has a pale yellow base.  On my thumb, there are no undies under Storybook Love.  It does build to an almost-opaque (but really glitter-packed) density, so you don't *need* undies.  I liked it both ways, actually.  It's lighter and brighter by itself, more golden with the undies.

UO La Ciel.  Oh, teal, you are a tease.  I love this color.  It was so shiny I couldn't get a good pix, too.

One of these nails is not like the other!  Can you tell which nail has Northern Star Inconceivable by itself?  The rest are layered over La Ciel.  I could hardly tell in Real Life, too.  The thumb polish went commando in this pix.  If I was going to get just one polish from this collex, it would have to be this one.  Look at that golden shimmer.

UO Hot tub!  It's a neon pink, matte finish and all.  Searingly bright!

I paired this with Wuv... Twoo Wuv.. and it surprised me how much I loved it!  I actually love it both sans undies (on my thumb) and with the hot pink.  On my pointer finger, I only went with one coat of WTW, and the pink base is still bright.  On the rest of my fingers, I have two coats, and it makes the pink more of a bubblegum color.  Two polishes - multiple looks!

UO Voodoo.  Metallic gunmetal, but with micro holo glitter.

I forgot to get a pix of Drop. Your. Sword with no undies.  The sheer black jelly base probably would build up on its own to opacity, but look how much glitter is in just one coat!  I think the undies help this polish be even more gorgeous.  I love the subtle red and blue glitters that support the large silver glitters. 

This was my first experience with Northern Star polishes, and I have to say, I'll be back!  These aren't boring glitterbombs that I've seen over and over again. 

If you'd like more information about Northern Star Polish, you can find them on Facebook, and on Etsy.


  1. Nice! I'm loving the black one, of course!

    1. The black one is my 2nd fave. I love the teal blue..


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