Lit from Within: Windestine-a-palooza

Saturday, April 13, 2013


I love a good sale, so when Windestine had one, I picked up some pretties that I'd been looking at for awhile.

Frozen Wilderness.  I saw this on a friend's nails, and fell in love, hard.  It was almost painful to have to wait for this one.  I don't know why, but I love coppery glitters.  This is with no undies, and there is great glitter distribution and no VNL.  Wonderful formula!

I decided to embellish with a half-moon mani using Kleancolor Metallic Orange and a black striper.  I thought this was fun and cute.

Bottle shot, on its end.  Ta-da!

I ended up with a few other orange and orange-like variations of glitter, too.  This is Twirling Upwards with an accent of Frozen Wilderness.  Love that juicy orange and gold glitter.

I received Peach Ice as a mini, but actually bought it as a full-size with the sale.  I love these peachy-melon colors, and the light glitters are a nice touch.

Leilani is a coral crelly with pastel glitter.. you can see the orange and orange-like theme, though, can't you?

The accent nail on that mani was Crushed Rose in Spring, and here it is on its own.  This green is pretty unique in my collection - it's not an icy mint, nor a grass green.  It's like a crelly pistachio?  Not sure what to call it.

Pond Patrol and Coraline.  Pond Patrol is a glitter-packed grassy green.  It does evoke the vision of a pond choked with lily pads!  This color is rich enough to compete with the amount of glitter, and it all distributes well on the nail.

Coraline came as a free mini, and I'm so glad I got to try it!  Such a vivid punch of coral!  It's very bright, though not neon.  Great summer color.

On A Clear Night. Honestly, I must own a dozen of these black polishes with scattered holo glitter.  They sucker me in *every* time, each one more beautiful than the last.  If you don't own one already, this is a good one! 

So many great polishes from this brand, and the hits keep on coming.  Not a dud in the bunch!  Did you have a fave or fave combination?

If you'd like more information about Windestine, you can find her on Facebook and Etsy.


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    1. it is pretty, isn't it? The holo glitter that shines blue is awesome.


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