Lit from Within: Spicy Takkos

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spicy Takkos

Get that heartburn remedy ready, because I have some spicy Takkitos for you today.

Va Va Voom.  This is my fave kind of red, where the polish seems to have a glow from within.  I love the holo sparkles, too.  This would be a great holiday polish, but no need to relegate it to just the holidays. It's for anytime you want to feel a little heat!

For a blingier look, I paired it with Winmax Pedicure, a polish I bought in a grab bag from Singapore.  If it has a name or a number, I can't find it.  It's a basic gold glitter.  Sometimes you get lucky with grab bags... sometimes.

Pucker Up.  Every year, I am on the hunt for that perfect melon shade for the summer.  This is as close as I've come so far!  I love the subtle pink shimmer.  I knew I was going to paint over the tips, so I wasn't worried about the VNL, but a third coat would take care of that.

For the tips, I used Takko Opium, which you'll see again tomorrow.  Then I used a nail art brush and Maybelline Bold Gold for the swirls, and a black striper for low-lights.  I was inspired by this nail art by Saida, (but I couldn't navigate the original site to find the specific page from the Pinterest Pin.)

I really liked the way Pucker Up brought out the shimmer in Opium, and the gold made it so rich and vibrant, like an Oriental Rug.  Well, in my mind, anyway.  

Bottle shot:  Takko Opium & Pucker Up, Maybelline Bold Gold, and the black nail art striper.

If you haven't tried Takko Lacquer, I recommend them!  The formulas are great, and the colors are usually pretty unique.  They are hard to catch, so you have to stalk her Twitter feed and Etsy store.  Unfortunately, she doesn't have a Facebook page at this time.

What's your style?  Red-hot scattered holo, or creamy melon with a rich paint job?  


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