Lit from Within: Guest post from Brijit of Brijit's Digits!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Guest post from Brijit of Brijit's Digits!

Today we have a special guest, so everybody say hi to Brijit!

"hi, Brijit!"

I knew you could do it.  Hopefully after this post you'll still want to look at my stubby nubs, because her hands are gorgeous.  And, she's French, so you might want to read this post with an *outrageous French accent* ala Monty Python.

Hello everybody!

Nidia was kind enough to provide a guest post for my blog, Brijit's Digits, and I was thrilled that she offered to host a guest post from me in return! Isn't it lovely, how nail bloggers stick together?

Now, I think Nidia rather spoils you all with her freehand nail art. I'm afraid I'm not as good as she is at that, so I have a bamboo mani for you !

I started with Stranger Tides by O.P.I., a pale khaki, and did a quick sponge gradient with Thanks a Windmillion. Truth be told; I bought and swatched these polishes a long time ago back in the day when I found the time to add to my swatches the polish reference number, and am ashamed to say I haven't worn them since. But they are good quality, as you expect from a brand that's so well known, and great for gradients. For sponging, you don't want a polish that's 100% opaque (it will look grainy), but if it's too thin you have to do sooo many layers, so I always aim to use two-coaters.

If you're pale skinned like I am (after the longest winter ever!), I recommend taking doing your gradients with the lighter colour towards the base of your nail, it is very flattering and will make your fingers look longer! I would imagine that if you have darker skin, the other way round is best. But you don't want to gradient a colour too close to your skin colour, that looks especially odd (I have tested it, trust me!).

Then a quick Konad stamp in white, and hey presto !




What do you think? Nidia tells me you like stamping nail art, does this do it for you or is it too boring simple? :)

Let's give Brijit a hand!  I'm totally in love with this look.  And, please, don't forget to check out her blog,  Brijit's Digits for more gorgeous manis.


  1. I love this bamboo mani! I have the same konad plate but I havent used it yet. It looks great with a gradient- now I want to try it out!

    1. It makes me want to go buy that plate. If you do try this mani, I hope you'll share it on our Facebook pages! I'm sure Brijit would love to see how she inspired you.


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