Lit from Within: First and Last 'Watercolor' Nail Art

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

First and Last 'Watercolor' Nail Art

Hello, Fireflies!

Still working on this month's challenge to recreate the first 4 nail arts that I recorded.  The second one I found was this 'watercolor' acetone-wash blue and gold mani.  I was so proud. *sniff* That pose is so awkward, though, it's almost painful.

I think it's harder to post these old manis than it's been to post my makeup-free face!

To start the re-creation, I used two coats of Nina Ultra Pro Blue La La, a dusty medium blue.  Love the color, but the brush was wonky, so my application was less than stellar.

Nina Ultra Pro Blue-La-La

The build up of blue wasn't all that exciting, so I'll spare you that and go to the final blue look, where I dabbed on Hope Girl BL03, Bettina Gems Sapphire, and Different Dimension Dewing It Right, and patted on acetone in between colors.

final blue look

Then, the gold - my fave Maybelline Bold Gold.  I will admit that I tried the DIY Spotted technique on top of this, where you water marble a black with an alcohol spray, and failed utterly miserably.  It just looked matte black and lumpy on my nails.

Bottle shot:  Nina Ultra Pro Blue La La, Hope Girl BL03, Bettina Gems Sapphire, Different Dimension Dewing It Right, and Maybelline Bold Gold.

Bottle shot:  Nina Ultra Pro Blue La La, Hope Girl BL03, Bettina Gems Sapphire, Different Dimension Dewing It Right, and Maybelline Bold Gold.

I don't know if the nail art looks much better, but I used two additional polishes, so I should get points for complexity.  In my mind, I am sooo much better than I used to be, but maybe I've not come as far as I'd thought! I'll admit, this exercise is a bit humbling!

Are you better at a skill you've been practicing for the last two years?


  1. Nice watercolor nail art. I like the effect and the colors you chose to use here.

  2. Fun challenge, I'd have to say my makeup skills are definitely better than when I started. Still no expert though, always a work in progress :).

  3. I love this challenge! It's cool to see how far you've come!

  4. So fun. I love both of the blues too. I am seriously horrible and painting my nails, and I love getting tons of inspiration from you. Great mani girl!!!

  5. I think it's so great to see how you've transition from before and now. I'd like to think I've gotten better at doing my eyebrows because they were a real mess before

  6. This mani reminds me of the globe. I'm so impressed that you can do all this!

  7. This sort of reminds me of the ocean or Greece.

  8. I love the splotches of gold

  9. Very cool mani! I like the colors you used!

  10. the golden accents are so fancy!

  11. I feel you. My old photos back when I just started blogging suck, if only I can recreate... whatever, lol. This mani looks like a globe

  12. You always come up with unique nails!

  13. I really like it! To me it looks like puffy clouds with gold :-)

  14. You did a great job! I'm still as terrible at nail art now as I was 2 years ago.


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