Lit from Within: Blue flowers on bronze - inspired by Robin Moses

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blue flowers on bronze - inspired by Robin Moses

Usually when I do a version of a Robin Moses design, I change up the colors or do something different.   This time, I tried to copy her a little more closely.  The challenge for me was finding nail polishes that mimicked her acrylic paints and mixing skills. 

I started with Revlon Varnished.  This may have skyrocketed into my top 10 fave polishes.  I don't have anything that looks like this burnished bronze.  It's sort of ugly in the bottle, but I loved it on my nails.  And even though it's metallic, it applied wonderfully, with only a little evidence of brush strokes. 

I painted the flowers first in Revlon ColorStay Blue Slate and then with NYSummer Hot Sky Blue for a jelly texture.

The vines are painted with China Glaze Brownstone.

My first time applying microbeads to a manicure!  Wow, it wasn't easy - they stick together, bunch up... I may need to pick up some of the Embellie Jellie she uses if I want to add more 3-D art to my nails. After I got them on and topcoated, they did stay on, and even though they were from the Dollar Store, they didn't bleed.  I was pretty impressed. 

For all that work, though, the only time I could stop running my fingers over the texture was when I fell asleep.  My fingertips were actually a little sore from my constantly running them over the nails!  Eventually, I did loosen some of the beads.  One nail had the polish come off in one sheet because I'd played with it so much!  I really am a little kid...

Right hand:

 Have you tried 3-D nail art yet?  Do you like it?

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