Lit from Within: Furnace Glow lit a fire in my heart!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Furnace Glow lit a fire in my heart!

This polish is very special!  Meet Glitter Gal Furnace Glow Soft:

It's an amazing multichrome that has orange, pink, gold, and copper tones to it.  It's such a strong shift that you don't need to do much to see it - it's just there, all the time.  This is one of my new very favorite polishes.

I didn't want to cover it up, but I couldn't just leave it alone.  The good thing is, you can still see the color shift!  This is Amy's Nail Boutique Tiger Lily, a clear base with orange and black microglitter.

I love how the pink shows through the glitter!

 Do you love these orange/pink duochrome polishes?


  1. It's a very pretty duochrome, and it looks good on you, thanks for sharing!


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