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Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympic mani

I did this mani for Imperfectly Painted's Olympic Share With You Sunday, and I wanted to show you how I made it.

After a base coat of Milani White On The Spot and Sinful Colors Black on Black, I got out the Laser Lace from Dollar Nail Art.

I'd never worked with Laser Lace before.  Some of it was easy, some not so much.  It comes in a sheet with paper backing, and I just cut off a piece of whatever size I wanted.  The lace isn't really attached to anything solid, though, so you are working with a mesh.  Some of the colors, like the red on my pinky, kept the straight lines I cut.  Some, like the green on my ring finger, look a hot mess.

I was trying to make shapes with the lace, but I think the one that turned out the nicest was the blue on my thumb, but the straight, narrow pieces on my middle finger and pinky also look okay.  I suppose it also depends on the piece of Laser Lace you're working with. 

The colors of the lace were supposed to represent the Olympic Rings, but afterwards, I decided that I'd accentuate the rings themselves by drawing parts of circles in the colors (except black.  I tried to draw black over the white, but it still looks like a white ring.  I'm going to call that artistic license.)

Are you watching the Olympics?  Isn't it cool how a lot of the Olympians have embraced their own nail art?  Pretty cool stuff.

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