Lit from Within: My version of one of the most beautiful stamped manis I've ever seen

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My version of one of the most beautiful stamped manis I've ever seen

One of the first stamped manis I ever saw, and still one of the most beautiful, is this stamped 'butterfly wing' from Makeup Alley.  I bought the Red Angel plates just for that stamp.  At one point I had owned some of the original Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup, I had tossed them out some time back. (I thought polish went bad! I didn't know.  I still kick myself over that one..)

Luckily, I found some on Ebay, and bought them just to try and recreate that mani.

I didn't have the Magnetic polish used as a base, but I thought that the beautiful Nfu-Oh 51 was a good match - deep purple color, nice flakies. 

On different fingers I used different combinations of the Chromes, but they were all some combination of Pink Crystal, Burmese Ruby, Royal Purple Chrome, Violet Sapphire, and Aquamarine Chrome.  I wish I had a stronger, deeper blue for this, but overall, I'm pretty pleased with my first try.

 Right hand:

I wore this mani to go to the recital of a friend who plays classical piano and sings beautifully.  She shines more brightly than any mani - even this one. :)


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