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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Guest post at Tips and Topcoat!

I'm very excited to be a guest over at Tips & Topcoat today!  I'm participating in 30-days of guest posts over at Lou's blog.  I hope you'll join me there, and if you're not already following Lou, please give her blog a gander.  She's got some pretty cool stuff, and she has amazing nail art skills!

Here's some teasers on how I started the mani, which was inspired by a Robin Moses Art Deco design.  This is Deborah Lippman Dream a Little Dream.  It's very sheer (this is 2 coats) but so pretty!  I don't think I'd ever wear it on its own, but it was lovely as a part of this mani.  It added a nice shimmer and sparkle - very ethereal, light, and dreamy.

Then I made chevron French tips.  One side was China Glaze Pelican Grey.  This is a pretty watery polish.  I'd never used it before, and knowing what I know now, I'm not sure I would use it for precise nail art again.  It was really difficult to make crisp lines without tape.  Love the color, though.

The other side of the chevron was made with SpaRitual I Am The Light.  I'm not a huge lover of pink, but this is a great soft pink.  This formula was the opposite of Pelican Grey - almost a little too thick for nail art.  It did level out eventually though, but I did end up using a small paintbrush to make crisper lines on both colors.

Head on over to Tips & Topcoat to see how I finished off this mani!

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