Lit from Within: Over-the-hill Birthday Party Nails

Friday, August 10, 2012

Over-the-hill Birthday Party Nails

Recently, I helped celebrate a friend's birthday.  He isn't 40 - yet, but these nails would be perfect for an over-the-hill party.  I just pretended he turned 40! 

I started with a base coat of Revlon Black With Envy.  I loved the look of this, so shiny and smooth.  Not a Goth black, for sure.  More of a party black.

I then layered it with Sally Hansen Starry, Starry Flight.  I thought this would be a looser glitter, but it turned out to be almost opaque in one coat!

On top of that, I layered a no-name glitter from Claire's.  It's a mini from their collection of glitters.  It's mostly grey and black with holo glitters in a clear base.  It's one of my new favorite glitters, and I wish I could get it in a full-size bottle!

And, THEN, because inertia took over and I couldn't stop, I added a matte topcoat.  As the kids say, "ERMAGERD!"  I love matte glitter.  This is definitely a look I'll come back to.  

This is a mani that was greater than the sum of it's parts.  None of these polishes on their own were amazing, but together, they created a look that made me very happy - and got me a bunch of compliments! 

Have you created an amazing combination from just okay polishes?


  1. Wow, I LOVE this mani! I wish I could get that Claire's glitter, because it's just gorgeous.

    1. Thanks! They still have that Claire's mini in the stores, if you have a polish swap buddy. I almost bought another bottle of it yesterday.. but it would mean buying 4 other mini bottles I don't want. I need to find someone to trade with!


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