Lit from Within: Teal, two ways

Monday, August 27, 2012

Teal, two ways

Jessica polishes deserve more polish love.  I haven't tried one yet that I didn't love!

This beautiful teal, Scene Stealer, is from their Paint the Town collection.  I thought the paint pails were too cute, but I will admit that they were a little difficult to use as a brush holder.  They should have taken a cue from Butter London and made the novelty cap removable. The size wasn't a problem, but the little handle always seemed to be in the way.

 Kleancolor glitters are cheap and lovely, but are often slow-drying and have a little too much base to glitter ratio.  I still buy them whenever I see them, though.  I can't resist.  Peaceful Heart is a green base with green and holo glitters and hearts.

 Blam! There's a heart, right there!

Next, I tried it with Daring Digits Techno Square.  I love the little square glitters!  I would have liked the glitter to be a little more dense, but it was a nice, soft glitter look.  If it weren't for the glitter shape, however, it would be like so many other topcoats out there.

Do you also like to experiment with different topcoats?  I'll have some more coming up, too!


  1. Replies
    1. I own so many.. I think I need to do a dupe comparison soon - how different can 10 teals be from each other? lol. I have a teeny teal problem. :)


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