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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Indie bling

I'd like to show you some Indie polishes I recently bought.  I haven't really jumped on the 'milky white' glitter train before now, but I love this one by Sparkles By Julie.  This is Water Lily, a shimmery white base with pastel glitters.  No undies.

I painted a few flowers with Nails, Inc Baker Street just for fun.  Really, though, this polish needs no embellishment, and I likely won't do that next time.

I love fall colors.  Unfortunately, here in Florida, we don't get much of a fall season, so I'm just going to wear these whenever I want.  I started with this lovely bronze from Cos Bar, which was sold at Target briefly.  I ordered it online and got one of their summer beauty bags with my purchase, which was pretty cool.  This is a lovely bronze, applied nicely, and I loved the color.

It seemed a natural match to pair it with Lush Lacquer Cheetalicious.  Truthfully, though, I don't think it needed undies - look at that coverage!  I love this look.

Who doesn't love a matte glitter?  Actually, this one I think looks better sparkly, but you gotta try it once, right?

The last Indie for today is over a green base.  I started with Borghese Menta, which was a little too sheer for my liking, so I layered it with NYC Big Money Frost.  I know, I know, it's a frost.  I like them.

Darling Diva Polish makes some of my fave Indie creations.  I wasn't wowed by this one, but it's still pretty.  Hubby thought it reminded him of leprechauns.  I wasn't feeling the dragon vibe, I guess.  It would probably look better over a different color.

Right hand:

Any of these your style?  The subtle white, coppery bling, or dragon scales?


  1. I love Water Lily! I need it! Sooo pretty.

    1. It's definitely in my top 10 of Indie polishes. I really like it, too!


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