Lit from Within: Beautiful, but temperamental!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Beautiful, but temperamental!

I saw this Nails, inc matte red at Sephora for $5 and I could not resist!

This is Gatwick, a pin-up red. Like all mattes, it dried fast, so you have to work fast.  Two coats still left me with a little VNL, but I knew I'd do some artwork to cover it up, so I wasn't worried, otherwise, three coats should do the trick.

This had somewhat of an Oriental flair, I thought.  Kinda reminded me of the wall art in Chinese restaurants! I used a gold glitter striper first, then silver, and black.

As you can see, the red STAINED a lot.  Easy to take off my nails, but quite a mess to get off my fingers.  One of those polishes that is temperamental, but beautiful.. like me.  LOL.

Would you use a temperamental polish if you thought it was too pretty not to use?

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