Lit from Within: I would like some sauce with that. Nail Sauce!

Monday, August 20, 2012

I would like some sauce with that. Nail Sauce!

I have two polishes from Nail Sauce by Felifel to show you today. 

Abalone shell probably didn't need undies, but I think iridescent polishes look great over a dark base.  This is Deborah Lippman Don't Tell Mama.  In my head, this polish is called Don't Tell Mama (the Babysitter's Dead)  I never even saw the 80s movie of a similar name.

Really, though, you should tell Mama that this isn't black.  It's really a very dark teal, but I couldn't get my camera to see that.

I love how Abalone Shell really looks like it's namesake over a dark color.  It's not flat by any means, and glows with the light.

The next Nail Sauce didn't need undies.  Apparently, I should have bought OPI Mad as a Hatter, because I keep buying Indies that play off of the name and idea.  I think Later Hater falls into that category.  It's gorgeous!

I love a nice, smooth, microglitter application that covers the whole nail and shines like a million jewels.  I couldn't even tell you what colors are in there, but I think it reads as a taupe.  A very blingy taupe.

These are two well-made Indie polishes that I enjoyed wearing.  If you'd like to check out Nail Sauce, you can find her Etsy shop HERE.  What's your fave Nail Sauce?

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