Lit from Within: Hap-Hap-Happy Hands! Greetings From Florida Collection

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hap-Hap-Happy Hands! Greetings From Florida Collection

A newer Indie to the scene, and a welcome addition to my mind, is Happy Hands Nail Polish.  I met Kristi, the owner, at an event in Orlando, and she was as nice as I think her polishes are.

My fave is Afternoon Thunderstorms.

A black and grey glitter in a grey base, it really evokes the sudden change of sky that accompanies these fast and furious storms.  

For fun, I added Avon Illusion over the top.  I really liked the pink shimmer it gave the polish, and the softer look, like a jelly sandwich. 

The Swamp is a nickname for the University of Florida football stadium, home of the Gators.  Their colors, are, as you may have guessed, Blue and Orange!

I don't have any allegiance to the Gators, or to University of Central Florida, (though I went there for a year) as I am a Virginia Tech Hokie!  But this is still a fun polish for orange lovers.  I got a kick out of the huge hex glitter that came out on my pinkie.  I wasn't expecting it at all!

I didn't think that Springs would need undies, but it was so beautiful, that I didn't want to waste a drop, so I layered it over Sally Hansen Barely Blue Bell, a beautiful seafoam/mint blue so popular this season.

Blue Springs State Park is a well-known location for manatee-watching, as they usually spend the winters in the warmer spring water.  It's a beautiful place, and this is a gorgeous polish.  I love the larger holo/gold hexes mixed with the micro white glitter.

I wanted to try the last polish over two different undies.  The yellow is L'oreal Tweet Me, a bright yellow with a shimmer, and the blue is from the new Brit collection by L'oreal, Notting Hill Blues.

If you drive through Florida in the spring, there are all sorts of flowers blooming on the sides of the roads.  They may be weeds, but they are still quite pretty.  Flowers on the Highway evokes that blur of wildflowers you see from your speeding car.  So many different colors and shapes of glitters, just like wildflowers.

I can't wait for the next Happy Hands collection!  You can find her polishes at her Etsy store here, her blog here, and her Facebook page here.


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    1. It was also my fave. Certainly appropriate given the weather we've been having, too. I'm looking forward to Fall and cool, dryer weather!


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