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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Indie Posers

As someone who came to the nail polish game late, I missed out on a lot of the cool polishes.  While I have found some on Ebay and the like, I am so loving the trend of Indie polish makers duping favorite polishes.

I have found a few Indies that are supposed dupes for Clarins 230/Fantasy Fire.  I don't own either, but they do seem to resemble what I've seen in pix.  See for yourself:

First up, a new-to-me brand called Enkelini.  Lucky You is a beautiful polish with a purple base and red/purple shimmer.  I don't think I used any undies with this polish. 

Darling Diva Polish has two polishes that are like Unicorn Pee.  The first is Ringer.  Ringer is sheer, so I started with some undies.  L to R:  Revlon Indigo Night, NY Summer Hot Sky Blue, Revlon Royal, and Sinful Colors Black on Black.

On my thumb is three coats of Ringer alone, the others have two coats of Ringer over the undies.

Revlon Royal is a popular undie for Fantasy Fire, and it looks great under Ringer, as well.  The black undies make Ringer turn more red and gold - what a difference!  Beautiful!

Dangerous Driver is DDP's Ringer as a holographic polish.  I've shown you this before, but thought I'd include it with this post, too.

I've also shown you Girly Bits Shift Happens, but it's also supposed to be a dupe.  I have it here over black, which brings out the red and gold, like in Ringer. 

What do you think?  Are they all dupes for Unicorn Pee?  Do any of them really capture the beauty of the original?  I really like them all, but I still want Fantasy Fire...


  1. Hey I love how you managed to capture not only the base color of my Lucky You, but also the two different color shifts, all in the one photo!!! :-D

    1. It's a lot easier when the color shift is strong. :) It's a great polish!

  2. These all look so lovely, plus your layering choices are the boss. Unicorn Pee Lemming, prepare to be SMOOSHED!

    1. That may be the best comment I've ever received on this blog! lol! SMOOSHED! lol!

  3. I had never come across this brand..but the shades are awesome..especially Shift Happens which has a beautiful red and black combination base.. will complete the gothic look.

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