Lit from Within: Playing Around, Placing Glitter

Friday, August 24, 2012

Playing Around, Placing Glitter

When I was a student, there was none of this electronic stuff in school.  You had wide-ruled paper and #2 pencils, and when I wanted to goof off, I didn't have a laptop or cell phone or ipad.

So, I did what every kid did then.  I doodled.

I think this mani is adult doodling.  I didn't know where I was going, I just thought the journey might be fun.

This is just the prettiest green-yellow!  SpaRitual Yes, I Can.  I love SpaRitual's formula - look at that shine with just 2 coats, and no topcoat.  The rubber grippy cap is a nice touch, too.

Ulta Not From Concentrate is a sheer, iridescent orange-gold.  I swirled it around my nails.

I like KleanColor glitters, but their formulas are very thick and goopy.  So I took 2 polishes - Golden Nirvana and Gold Caviar and put them on a palette and fished out whatever glitters I wanted and placed them around the swirls.

I did the same with some red glitters from Amy's Nail Boutique Marigold.  I thought there were red and orange glitters in there, but it looked all red to me.  It was a bit disappointing, actually.

Seche Vite to finish.

Right hand:

Not my favorite mani, but it was fun to experiment with the glitter.  Almost like creating a glitter mix, but without actually mixing the formulas.

Do you doodle on your nails, too?

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