Lit from Within: A Very Special Mani

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Very Special Mani

Some of you may remember this mani that I did a while ago:

It was for a girlfriend of mine who was going on her first date with a guy a friend at church had set her up with.  It was fun to chat while doing her nails and see how excited (and nervous!) she was about going on a date again.

Fast forward.....

....and now I'm doing her nails for her wedding!

It was an informal service, and she wore a brightly colored dress, and wanted nails to match.

I started with China Glaze Aquadelic, a lovely color somewhere between turquoise and seafoam, I guess.

Then I used Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue and White Tip and a 'watercolor' technique done by smudging the colors with acetone.

To soften it and add some iridescent shine, I layered Aphrodite Lacquer VIP Room on top.

During the ceremony, my friend held the bible that her mother had also held when she had married.  So sweet!

After the ceremony, the couple found a tribal-esce, colorful drum to use as a backdrop. 

The happy couple!  May their marriage be long and happy and colorful!


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