Lit from Within: Stamping Sunday - What if my Hubby stamped my nails?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stamping Sunday - What if my Hubby stamped my nails?

Today's challenge was to see what our nails would look like if our husband/boyfriend/S.O stamped our nails for us.  So, that's exactly what I did!

I started off with a lovely purple duochrome.  Royal purple is the hubs' fave color.  This is Ludurana Aurora Boreal Emocionante.

I offered the hubby two of my polishes that I thought were the easiest to stamp with - Maybelline Bold Gold and Essie No Place Like Chrome.  He chose silver, and this polka-dot stamp from the Cheeky Jumbo plate.

I showed him once how to do it on a piece of paper, and then he tried it on paper, and then away he went.  Not bad for a first attempt, I must say.  

When he was done, he told me that he chose this pattern because it seemed fairly idiot-proof.  Well, he did get some dots on my nail, and they look like dots, so I suppose he succeeded! 

Did you stamp today?

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