Lit from Within: Chirality Nail Polish

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chirality Nail Polish

When it comes to holo polishes, I'm like a Mockingbird to shiny.  I can't resist.  So when I saw a new Indie line of holos, I had to check it out, and I'm so glad I did, because I love this line.

Chirality means something that has a mirror image that can't be superimposed - like your hands are mirror images of each other, but try as you might, you can't put one over the other and have all the bits line up exactly.  I'm guessing that chirality in handed-ness may be the link to this polish brand, but I don't know for sure.  You don't have to be a scientist to appreciate the gorgeousness, though!

First up, Katydid, a sage green holo.  I am loving the yellow undertones of this green.  It seems to be a whole other layer of polish!

Just Before Dawn is a burnt-orange holo. Can you see how complex the holo is?  I love the illusion of texture.

Is there anything prettier than a red holo?  It's so hard to find a true red, but Bloodshot fits.  The holo texture isn't as evident in this polish, but it's still gorgeous - and shiny!

Kale is a dark, forest green holo.  You can see the yellow undertones, like with Katydid, but it's not as predominant.  There is also a hint of a black undertone to Kale.

CU2+ is a star of this collection.  I love teal, and a teal holo is so beautiful. 

I have a few other teal holos, so I wanted to compare them.  First, Jade Energy:

Glitter Gal Teal Blue:

A-England St. George:

Thumb and pointer finger are Chirality CU2+, middle is Jade Energy, ring is GG Teal Blue, and pinky is A-england St. George.  Obviously, St. G is way darker and isn't a dupe at all.  The others are closer, but there are differences in the holo texture.  It's pretty subtle, though.  You probably don't need all of them, unless you're a teal holo lover like me. :)

Apollonia is a gorgeous royal purple holo.  I hope it's a nod to Prince's girlfriend!

I have another comparison for this color, too.  First, A-England Lady of the Lake.

Color Club Wild at Heart:

Jade Fascinio Violeta:

On this hand, the thumb and pinky fingers are Chirality Apollonia.  The index is Jade Fascinio Violeta, middle is CC Wild at Heart, and the ring is A-England Lady of the Lake.  No dupes here.  I actually think they're all pretty different.

Hmm.. at this point, I should have a pix of Chirality The Symbiote, their black holo.  Apparently, it fell into a black hole.  Straight to the comparisons, then.

First, A-England Bridal Veil.

Pomegranate nail lacquer Cyberspace:

Pretty and Polished Black Swan.  This one is more jelly, and reads more charcoal.

Color Club Revvvvolution.  Still one of my faves.

Jade Magia Negra (or some bottles just say Magia)

Thumb: Chirality Symbiote.  Pointer - Jade Magia Negra, middle is CC Revvvolution, ring is P&P Black Swan, and pinky is Pomegranate Cyberspace.  Again, no dupes.  Interesting how they can be so different!

All these pictures were taken inside, so you're not going to see the strong rainbow effect - but you can see how deep the color saturation is, and I love that.  No pasty light colors here.  And, all of the Chirality formulas were amazing - they applied perfectly, not too thick, nor too thin.  No special base coats or buffing, either.  You can follow Chirality's Facebook page for links to their shop and info on specials and new colors.  I hope you try them out, because if you love holos like I do, you're going to love this collection.


  1. I LOVE these polishes I can't wait to buy them all!!

    1. I couldn't resist buying them, either! Moar holos! lol


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