Lit from Within: Brown Glitter, Brown Stamp

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Brown Glitter, Brown Stamp

I hope you've enjoyed this week of coppery brown polishes as much as I have!  They are a Fall staple, aren't they?

This is Orly Flagstone Rush, a copper shimmer that leans orange.

I seem to have forgotten to take a pix of the glitter on its own, but it's a thin stamp, so I think you can get the gist of Shimmer Carmen.  I do love Shimmer's glitters.  They are opaque on their own in 2 coats usually (I can't even see the Flagstone Rush anymore, can you?) and they just flow onto the nail effortlessly.  No dabbing, no brush rolling, just put it on like it's a regular polish... but oh, that shine.

I stamped over it with China Glaze Midtown Magic.  I find this is my fave dark brown to stamp with.  It just has a really good pigmentation and formula.

Do you like to stamp over glitter?

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