Lit from Within: Metallic accents

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Metallic accents

I love when I'm playing around with a mani, and I add that one touch that just brings it together, or makes it special.  It doesn't happen that often, but when it does, I'm so proud of what I've created.

This mani starts off with a base of CQ Vintage, an unassuming neutral with a secret - it's a subtle color changer.  It's one of those colors that sometimes looks grey, sometimes off-white, sometimes light purple, sometimes beige.  

I was wearing a dress with neutrals, black, and silver/grey-ish purple accents, and I thought these colors would go together in a cloud mani to go with my dress.  OPI Black Onyx for the first layer of clouds, and Essie Nothing Else Metals for the next.  Simple, yet impactful.

 Right hand:

I did a couple of manis that I showed you earlier with Lilaquer polishes.  Here, I took Lilacquer Bakeneko and stamped gold Charlie-Brown-ish zigzags in different orientations all over it with Maybelline Bold Gold. I love how the shimmer just peeks through the stamp.

Here's another gold stamp with Maybelline Bold Gold.  Chain link in different directions over Lilacquer Selkie, Lycanthrope, and Kitsune.  I think it looks especially good over the green and red and seems to bring out even more of the duochrome in them.

Do you like to do whole manis with metallics, or accent with them?


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    1. I love that there are so many different tastes in the polish community. I never would have guessed the last one would be anyone's fave! lol. Thanks!


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