Lit from Within: Fall into Browns

Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall into Browns

I know it's not something everyone is into, but I love brown polishes.  Well, most of them.  Today, though, I'm going to show you some that I do really like.

First up, L'Oreal Owl's Night.  Which is lucky for one owl, I suppose.  If it were the night for all owls, it should read "owls' night".  I love grammar.

It's definitely a great polish for me, though!  I really enjoy these shimmery polishes, especially ones like this where the shimmer seems to come from within the polish, rather than just on top.  This polish looks brown and green in the bottle, and you can see it looks brown from the angle on my pinky, but really brings out the green and gold on the nail.  Gorgeous!

Next up, this is Creative Nail Designs (CND) Cashmere.

You're probably thinking.. ew?  yeah, I wouldn't wear it alone either.. but get a look at that golden/bronze shimmer.

Then, take a look at this dark, rich matte brown from Man Glaze called Santorum.  Thick, muddy-colored, but with a perfect formula and quick-drying matte finish.

Now, put them together.  CND Cashmere alone on the index, Cashmere over Santorum on the other fingers.

It's like they bring out the best in each other, like a good partnership.  The CND even shows some reddish and gold highlights that weren't evident before.  Together, they are greater than their individual parts.  I love polishes like this that glow like they are... well, lit from within.

 Do you rock brown polish?

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