Lit from Within: Rainbow Honey Yokai Collection

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rainbow Honey Yokai Collection

I think Rainbow Honey Cosmetics knows a thing or two about marketing, because before this collection was released, bloggers everywhere were publishing gorgeous pix of these three polishes.  Every time I turned around - there was another preview!  It worked, because by the time these were available to the rest of us, I was foaming at the mouth, and ready to buy the moment her shop opened up.

Oni is right up my alley.  Deep, dark, shiny, and opaque in 2 coats.

China Glaze Wagon Trail, Butter London Wallis.. if you like those, you'll probably like Oni.  It has that same mysterious dark olive/gold tone to it, only this is a true glitter.

I admit, I was least excited about Kitsune.  If it wasn't part of the set, I'm not sure I would have even looked twice at it. 

On the nail, it's rather nice, though.  I love the glowing red glitters, which were a pleasant surprise, but that was about it.  It just wasn't my style.

"Kitsune" apparently means, "fox" so I found this tutorial on fox nail art by Pinky Cherry Bomb and did my version of it.

Too cute, eh?  I used China Glaze Roguish Red for the foxes, Layla Ceramic Effect 63 for the brown details, and Sally Hansen White Tip for the face, ears, and tail tips.

 This last polish

This is Kawako.  I understand it bears some resemblance to Essie Starry Starry Night, but I haven't seen that polish in person.  Kawako is a deep blue - darker than cobalt, not as dark as navy - with silver flakes.

This is one of those "If I was going to a desert island, I would take this polish" polish.  

Did you also pick up this collection?  Even though it was technically released as a Halloween collex, it isn't your traditional colors, which I liked a lot.  All of these could be worn whenever, and especially all fall and winter long.  Which is your favorite?


  1. I am kicking myself for not getting the whole set. I didn't get Oni. And now I need it! If you see a bottle for sale, let me know... Great swatches!

    1. I didn't realize they were so LE - I haven't seen any for sale, either. :( I'll keep an eye out for Oni for you.

  2. I definitely jumped on the whole set! I love Rainbow Honey, have all her polishes ;)

    Normally these wouldn't be colors I would be attracted to, but they are so beautiful on the nail! I have to say that ironically, I can't wait to use Kitsune--it reminds me of a sandy beach here in FL, with little bits of crushed I want to do a beach-themed mani with it!

    Your little fox is ADORABLE! Well done :) My mom has a wild fox family in their woods, sadly I've never seen them. But they are FL foxes, not red foxes--in any case, your mani made me smile :))

    1. Thanks! I thought it was fun to do the fox, even if my husband thought it was a cat. Men, right? ;) I'd love to see Kitsune as a sandy beach, so cute!


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