Lit from Within: Blue Suede... polish (and purple!)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blue Suede... polish (and purple!)

Avon Soft Violet is such a pretty suede, and it is rumored to be a dupe for OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede. 

It just looks so rich!

So, of course I had to cheapen it with the silliest decorations!  I had never used fimo sticks before.  They take a little bit of practice to get thin.. Chunky fimo isn't necessarily a good look...

I also used rhinestones on and around the fimo, gleequins (glitter sequins) and mylar butterflies and moons.

 Doesn't this mani belong on one of those Japanese nail art magazine covers?  HAHAHAHAHA!!

Yeah, you know I picked that stuff off two seconds after I snapped the last picture.

On to more serious colors - this is Avon Blue Royale.

This may well be my favorite suede amongst the Avons.

I bought some foils from Dollar Nail Art but I'd never used them before.  I found a video on You Tube that explained it pretty well.  On my ring ringer, I did the whole nail with Aegean Tides foil.

On the other fingers, I just dabbed some random glue patterns and then applied the foil.  I thought the suede and foil looked pretty cool together.

I knew you couldn't use quick-dry topcoat with foil, and this W7 didn't say it was, but it shattered the foil anyway.  Still looking for a foil-approved topcoat...

Still more suedes to come!  


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