Lit from Within: Shades of Grey

Friday, November 2, 2012

Shades of Grey

This Fall, I'm obsessed with grey.  And, I'm not the only one - there are so many gorgeous greys out there to choose from!  I want to show you some of the polishes and glitters I've tried this season so far...

For these first few polishes, I layered them all over Color Club Wild Orchid.  It's a light grey that leans a little purple and has a tiny bit of blue and purple shimmer in the bottle that doesn't really translate much to the nail - not what I was expecting from the name!

Revlon Sparkle Aplenty is a LE Runway polish for this Fall.  What I think sets it apart from the others is the black base - but a black base that you can actually see the silver glitter in.  It's not just a textured black blob.  It's a dramatic look!

Jordana is really putting out some great glitters lately, and at about $2 each, they're really affordable and great alternatives to some of the high-end glitters.  Galaxy is a silver base, with different sizes of silver glitter.

Perception Nail Lacquer Grumpy is a milky grey, almost iridescent base with square black glitters!  It's pretty unique in my stash of glitters.  I was surprised by this one! I have to say, though, I have liked all of her polishes so far.  She's recently changed her bottle and started selling through a store from her Facebook page instead of Etsy.

Dollish Polish Many Shades of Mr. Grey is jam-packed with glitter.  I think the base is clear, but it doesn't matter, you can't see it.  So many different sizes and shapes of grey, silver, gunmetal, and black glitter.  Dollish doesn't disappoint!

Different Dimension takes a similar approach, but includes larger silver hexes and some holo glitter, too.  Gorgeous!

All together in one mani, they look completely different!  From Pinky to Thumb - Grumpy, Galaxy, Sparkle Aplenty, Many Shades of Mr. Grey, and  50 Shades.

I did another grey mani I want to share with you.  This one started with Orly Decoded.  I love Orly polishes, they're one of my top mainstream brands.  Their formula is almost always perfect.

After applying one coat of Orly Goth over Decoded, I realized I didn't need undies for this one!  It's very black.  Unfortunately, so much of that silver shimmer you see in the bottle is just hidden in the polish on the nail.

A layer of OPI Pirouette My Whistle lightened up the black and gave me some of the sparkle I was looking for.  Bling-tastic!

Are you into any shades of grey this season?


  1. Love the comparison shot with each finger painted a different shade!

    1. Thanks! That is an advanced blogging technique called "too lazy to do a full mani of each color". lol!


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