Lit from Within: Carribean Blue Monday

Monday, November 5, 2012

Carribean Blue Monday

Blue isn't bad, don't be sad - here's some cute blue manis to brighten your Monday.

My first Megan Miller polish - Caribbean!  I have lots of blue polishes, what makes this one so special?  Well, it's not the cork top, though it is pretty cool, or the raffia tie, which doesn't do much for me.  It's the texture of this polish.  Yes, it's a jelly! It's one of the few instances of a jelly making sense, actually giving depth and texture - almost a movement to the polish, really making it look like the clear-water aqua blue of the Caribbean.

I was inspired to transform this look by this mani from Set In Lacquer.  I really liked this OPI called My Big Break.  It's purple, but in the bottle it has a strong aqua shimmer, which comes across a lot more subtly on the nail, but you can still see it.  I thought the aqua went really well with Caribbean.

Then I took a small paintbrush and some Sally Hansen LustreShine in Firefly and painted the swirls, and made a few dots with My Big Break. 

 Topcoat and done.  Right hand:

Mani #2 starts with ManGlaze.  They make the best matte polishes, hands down.  ILF is an aqua blue that looks great matte, and amazing with a glossy coat.

I decided to play up the glossy side with a layer of Nubar Sour Candy, a blue and silver holo glitter in a blue jelly base. I love Nubar polishes, but there are better, less expensive glitters out there. 

I played around by adding a layer of Finger Paints Motley, a blue flakie.  You'd think I'd learn by now - iridescent blues only really play nice over dark colors.  It didn't add much to the light blue polish.  In person, it added a little bit of flash, but not much, and pictures couldn't really capture it at all.

Feeling blue? naw.  Feeling like wearing blue?  Me, too!

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