Lit from Within: Oh, Sugar, Oh Honey Honey, you are my Candy Girl..

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oh, Sugar, Oh Honey Honey, you are my Candy Girl..

If you're old enough to remember the song that the title of this post comes from, then we're contemporaries!  I used to love that song so much.  And, it came to mind when I decided to show you two polishes from Candy Lacquer today.

First up, Orly Shockwave.  Such a gorgeous blue, and so shiny.  My camera couldn't seem to focus on the polish!  I love Orly polishes, but they really outdid themselves with this color.

It seemed to make good undies for Candy Lacquer Sugar Daddy, a colorful blend of microglitters that leans blue and purple.  No worries with application, and you can see that it's almost opaque in two coats.  

Next, OPI Suzi Takes the Wheel, a khaki color.  The goopy mess on my pointer and ring finger are because I was too hasty with painting over the glue base, and it wasn't quite dry yet.  OPI rarely has a problem with formula or application for me. 

Sugar Baby is full of all kinds of pastel 'baby' colors in a clear base, but the mesh of all the microglitters gives it a pale grey tone to me, which is why I loved it over Suzi Takes the Wheel.

I like that it's soft and pastel, but not saccharine or too girly.

I'm glad I have my Sugar Daddy!... and my 'Sugar Daddy' too!


  1. I want Sugar Daddy!! And a Sugar Daddy!

    1. Don't you *have* a sugar daddy? :) His pix is pretty cute! These sugary polishes are *almost* as cute as our menfolk, eh? lol


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