Lit from Within: Stamping Sunday - over

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stamping Sunday - over

I like to layer my colors, who doesn't?  But I didn't mean to layer so many!  I started off with a franken I bought of China Glaze 2night.

I looked at swatches online, and I know that 2night is a denim blue holo.  This is not.  I think I like this more, though!  I wish it were a little more holo (though it was in RL, I wasn't able to capture it in the pix inside) but I really love this cornflower blue.

But I wanted a little more holo, and my new Dandy Nails Moonglow was beckoning me.  Dandy Nails is quickly becoming one of my fave Indies.  Her polishes just don't disappoint.  They are great.  I love her micro-glitters, too.  Moonglow is grey/blue/purple with a subtle linear holo.  Gorgeous.

But then I checked the Adventures in Stamping page, and found that we were supposed to stamp over blue.  I *just* covered the blue! So, I had to cover Moonglow, and I chose Color Club First Looks, a deep, shiny blackened teal.

Sorry about the lobster hands, I was trying to capture how dark this polish is, but my camera kept picking up all the light.  This polish isn't black - you can definitely tell it's a teal, but it's a little darker than I was able to photograph.

So at this point, I'm wearing three different color polishes in layers, but I still have to stamp!  I chose Revlon Silver Screen and Mash - 27 for my stamping.

My thumb has the closest representation of the whole stamp.  On all my other fingers, I took different sections of the same stamp and put it at different orientations.  I am in love with this look.  My nails are chipping and peeling from all the different layers of polish, but I still haven't taken it off! 

Are you stamping on Sunday?


  1. Love the stamping :) I suck at stamping... it always start to look so messy and not nice at all :) I think it looks good on those who can stamp... like you :)

    1. You need to see some of my earlier attempts... I'm not much of a perfectionist, so there's all kinds of messy going on. This is definitely my cleanest stamping mani. Practice helps!


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