Lit from Within: Brown Holo Comparison

Friday, November 23, 2012

Brown Holo Comparison

When I like a certain color or finish (hello, HOLO!) I find myself buying it over and over again, even though I already have something similar.  And, somehow, it's always a surprise to me when I find dupes in my stash...

So, when I found that I had a few brown holos, I thought I'd see if any of them were dupes.

I have two from one of my fave holo Indies, Enchanted Polish.  First is Vampires' Dessert, which is really  more burgundy or wine than brown.

Enchanted Polish Hot Chocolate is like a cup of hot cocoa with .... shimmery marshmallows?  Well, that's why we don't eat nail polish, I guess.  It really does look like milk chocolate!

Glitter Gal Belgian Chocolate is a wonderful mix of brown with hints of red.  I love this.  So rich looking.

I have a version of OPI My Private Jet, but other than knowing it's not the holo version, I couldn't tell you if it's the dud or blue flash, or something else.  So annoying with nail polish companies put out several versions of a polish with the same name.  

Both fingers have on MPJ, but I put on a layer of Girly Bits Hocus Pocus - a spectraflair topcoat - over my thumb.  It completely changes the color of MPJ to a grey!

All together, now.  thumb - OPI MPJ with spectraflair, index - EP Vampires' Dessert, middle - EP Hot Chocolate, ring - GG Belgian Chocolate, and pinky - OPI MPJ unknown version.  No dupes here!

Brown holo skittles! 

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