Lit from Within: Glowing Manis

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Glowing Manis

The polishes I want to show you today have a beautiful quality that makes them look like they are glowing.  I loved each and every one of these!

I first started with OPI Not Like The Movies.  This polish hasn't gotten as much love as I would have thought, but maybe because there are quite a few purple/green duochromes out there now.  This one does have a little bit of holo microglitter that gives it a little extra. 

On top of NLTM, I layered Darling Diva Polish Space Beetle.  This polish is both a duochrome and a holo.

It was hard for me to capture both in one photo.  The holo is more scattered than linear, but there is some linear in there.

I loved this so much, I wore it on both hands. :)  So unique!

The next mani started with Essence Grey-t to be here, a pale grey with a pink shimmer. It's hard to capture on camera, but the shimmer is there.  I like these Essence Color-n-go polishes.  The price did go up to $2 with these new bottles, unfortunately, but the formulas are great, and I love the wide brushes.

 Over the Essence, I used Dandy Nails Bathed In Light.

I feel like there should be a moment of silence for this gorgeous, angelic polish.

I wish I could bathe in this polish!  I love the glow, the scattered holo, the color, the formula, everything.  Too much?  maybe....


  1. thank you for sharing, your swatches are beautiful!

    love the Dandy Nails polish, looks great with your skin tone :)

    1. Thanks! I appreciate the compliment. I think Bathed in Light would look good on anyone, it's so beautiful..


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