Lit from Within: The Makeup Show - Orlando!

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Makeup Show - Orlando!

The Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida were invited to the Makeup Show in Orlando this year - as press!  I wish I could gone for the Blogger preview, and Sunday, too, but I could only go on Monday.  It was an amazing, fun experience!

Well, I had to do my nails special, right?  I started with Pure Ice Draped, a magenta suede.  I had no idea it was a suede until I put it on!  So pretty.

Here's where my camera and I disagree about what I actually wore to the show.  Sure, I started out with Smitten Polish Hocus Pocus.  Look how pretty it is!  And, it looked good with my outfit.  The purple microglitter... so awesome.

But, then I realized I would be helping out at the Cult Nails booth, so I took this off and put on the Draped again, but with Cult Nails Seduction over top. My camera...well, it didn't take that pix.  Or something.  It was a similar color scheme, but with flakies, instead of glitter.  Very classy.  You'll just have to trust me.. or, better yet, get yourself a bottle of Seduction.  It's the near-dupe of Unicorn Puke, but it was made once they couldn't get the green - gold flakies anymore.

The Makeup Show was held in the Peabody hotel, and the first celebrity sighting I had was of the famous Peabody ducks.  Every day at 11am, the ducks ride down their reserved elevator and walk down the red carpet to their fountain in the lobby of the hotel.  Every night at 5, they have another procession back up to their penthouse suite in the hotel.  Fancy!

I also got to see some amazing makeup artists at work.  Toby Sells is currently one of the makeup effects artists making zombies and such on one of my fave TV shows, The Walking Dead!

He was so nice, and we bonded over his 4 dogs - Chihuahua/Papillion mixes, and Jack Russells. 

I also got to meet Roy and Laura from Face-off.  I thought Roy was going to win for sure.  I was so disappointed when he didn't!

 Another funny and handsome makeup guru - AJ Crimson.

I was sorry to have missed his branding yourself workshop.  He made quite an impact on the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida who did go.  Also, he looks a bit like a young Eddie Murphy.

So many interesting things to see and do - and BUY - at the show.  Many artists were doing special effects makeup, both horrifying and beautiful.

 Amerikan Body Art had a Nail Polish Frankening station, and I made my first Franken-polish!

They had many different colors of mica, and different glitters to choose from.  I couldn't resist this light blue, and some holographic sparklies.

In truth, the best part was seeing other beauty bloggers and meeting new friends at the show.  These ladies are all so gracious with their time and knowledge, and I am so happy to have them in my life!

 Kim from Libbie's Pink Vanity, and Alyssa from Pretty Little Bottles

 Kari from Once Bitten

Brianna, Maria from Cult Nails, and LaShon

Maria and I.  I'm cracking up about something silly.

 Safia from Lipstick Mixtapes.  I'm trying to emulate her fabulous 'do.

 Me and gorgeous, bold Phyrra

Meeting Judy from BeautyJudy.  

So many of the artists were awesome to meet.  Sure, I scored some deals on Crown brushes, Eye Kandy glitter, and some Cult Nails, but the people were the best part!


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I love the dress!

    1. I did! and thank you. It's one of my faves. I didn't realize most people would be dressed casually, but it's better to be over-dressed than under-dressed, IMHO. :)


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