Lit from Within: Election Day Nails

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Day Nails

These aren't my version of 'Patriotic Nails' mind you.  These are the nails I did while I waited to vote!

This is only a small portion of the line.  It took about an hour and a half of waiting to get to the poll.  So, I did what any good nail blogger would do - change my polish!

This is Essie Beach Bum Blu.  It's more metallic than I was expecting!  Sometimes I have trouble with Essies being streaky, but this one was really nice.  Almost a one-coater, really, but it looked better, and with a deeper color, with two coats.

Over that, I used two coats of KB Shimmer Shipwrecked.  I liked how the blue jelly base softened the metallic shine of the Essie, but one coat hardly delivered any glitter at all.  I used the dabbing method to get enough glitter to distribute all over the nail.

It's a pretty glitter!  A little more green-leaning in person, which I didn't expect.

I also discovered that even with a glue base, I had some trouble peeling this mani off, and I believe it's because I didn't use a top coat.  I forgot to bring one!  I've experienced this before with glue - the topcoat makes the polish sturdier, I think, and it comes off so much more easily when it's time to peel.

Are you using a glue base?  Do you use topcoat with it?


  1. I think you might be right about the top coat thing, I haven't tried on of those glue base's yet.
    It turned out to be a really pretty mani!

    1. Thanks, MAria! I have to admit, I've always loved peeling my polish off, but I don't feel so guilty about it when I use the glue base. lol!


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