Lit from Within: FNU-what? FNUG!

Friday, November 16, 2012

FNU-what? FNUG!

It's the strong holo polish with the name Americans just look at funny.  FNUG is a Danish company, and I had been drooling over swatches of those mirror rainbows for a bit when Harlow & Company said they'd carry them!  I managed to snag the two that interested me the most - Futuristica and Fantastica.

First up, Fantastica.

This is one of those 'green' holos that isn't really that green.  Sometimes, you sacrifice pigmentation for rainbow.  This is a pale, pale, pale mint green.

But that is some holo!

It's even more evident in these pix of Futuristica, the blue holo.

What's the best nail art for a holo?  LASEROUS EXPLOSION!

Tiny strips of tape and a black creme, and a super holo becomes a WOW moment.

Unfortunately, FNUG holos are some of those finicky holos that require either a buffed nail base, or the special aqua base to really work, and you have to be quick and careful in application, or you'll get dragging.  They are expensive, too. Harlow & Company has them priced at $14.50, if you can get them.

But, when I look at that mani, I think, well, maybe it's worth it. sigh.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Amy! It was some work, but totally worth it. It takes a little patience (and striping tape) but it is easy enough for a novice like me!


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